UV Glitter - White to Green (Fades to Yellow)

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Color: White to Green (Fades to Yellow)

Type: UV Glitter

Size: 1/128"

Weight:  20 Grams


UV Glitter Changes Color in the Sun!

This color will change to Green in sunlight and gradually fade to Yellow before returning to its original White!

This glitter works best mixed into a clear medium (such as expoy resin, neutral paint, clear nail polish, glue, etc) and should be applied to a WHITE surface in order to show the most vivid color change!

Color change effect works best in direct natural sunlight (outside, middle of the day, no cloud coverage) or under a 365 nm UV Blacklight.

This glitter is NOT recommended for use on skin.

**UV Glitters are activated by UV light, but too much direct exposure can damage it, causing it to no longer change colors. We recommend not leaving in direct sunlight for more than 15-20 minutes at a time.

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