Frequently Asked Questions!


How much does it cost?

    All regular bags of glitter are just $3 each, every day! Watch for sales and promotions on our Social Media channels on Facebook and Instagram @GlitterHippoStore


How much glitter is included? 

    Each bag contains 20 grams of glitter!


How do I use it?

    Application depends on your project. Check out our Glitter Hippo® Project Forum on Facebook to interact with other customers and learn various techniques!


How much is shipping?

    Shipping is based on weight and destination via USPS. Orders are generally shipped within 24 hours (excluding weekends). USPS shipments within the United States can arrive in 2-5 business days, while International Shipments can arrive in 7-20 business days, not including possible delays by Customs, Taxes and Duties, etc. Please, keep in mind that USPS is experiencing unusual delays due to the pandemic. FedEx quote can be provided upon request.

   Shipping is FREE within the U.S. for orders of $100 or more when you use code "FREESHIP"!


Is Glitter Hippo® available internationally?

    We ship worldwide! However, at times there are international shipping disruptions beyond our control. We will contact you regarding a refund/order cancellation if we find we are unable to ship your order to you.


Is there a physical retail store location?

    Yes! Glitter Hippo® currently has one location in the SolarColorDust.com storefront inside the Eagle Ridge Mall in Lake Wales, Florida. We hope to expand in the future!


Is this glitter safe for cosmetic use?

    All glitters are safe for skin application EXCEPT for the UV, Thermal, and Glow glitters. With all glitters, it is recommended to keep out of eyes and mouth.


Is this glitter solvent resistant?

    Our glitters are Solvent Resistant in many bases! However, we always recommend testing a small amount before mixing a large batch, as not all bases have been tested.


What size is the glitter?

    Each glitter has the size listed in the product description. Check out the chart below to compare sizes:



1/360" = Micro Glitter

1/128" = Fine Glitter

1/24" and larger = Chunky Glitter


Here's a quick overview of some of our Glitter Types:


  • Holographic Glitter - Holographic glitter gives an awesome and unique rainbow-like effect! Different applications can give off different effects - Burnishing the smaller cut holographic glitters (using a method such as the Tack-It Method) will give the most holographic finish! 
  • Shimmer Glitter - Glitter that sparkles brilliantly! Available in over 100 different colors!
  • Holographic Tinsel Glitters - Hair-like glitter with a holographic effect!  Size is .3 x 1.5mm
  • Holographic Micro Glitter - Cosmetic grade, very fine glitter measured at 1/360"! This is our finest glitter and gives a beautiful holographic effect when applied smoothly.
  • Glow Glitter -  Awesome glitter in many colors that glows in the dark! Available in "invisible" or various colors!
  • Sprinkle Glitter - Similar to our Tinsel Glitter, but with a wider, more sprinkle-like shape! Available in a variety of holographic colors.
  • Color Shift Glitter - Glitter that shifts colors at different angles! Available in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • Iridescent Glitter - Sparkly glitter with iridescent color. Use sparingly for a light transparent hint of color, or apply heavily for more vivid color!
  • UV Glitter - Glitter that Changes Color in Sunlight! Available in White to Color and Color to Color, this glitter should be applied to a white surface in order to see the most vivid color change!
  • Thermal Glitter - This magical glitter changes color with heat or cold! Available in heat activated Color to Colorless and Color to Color, Cold Activated Colorless to Color and Color to Color, and Triple Thermal heat activated that changes 3 different colors!
Glitter Weight Guide - 
  • 20 grams = .70 oz
  • There are 464 grams in 1 pound.   
Our Glitters are in Hexagon in shape unless noted otherwise.