Glow Glitter - Electric 80's Pink

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Color: Electric 80's Pink - White Glitter, Glows Pink

Type: Glow in the Dark Glitter

Size: 1/128"

Weight:  20 Grams


Glitter Hippo® Glow Glitter Gives a Bright Glow Effect in the Dark!

This glitter works best mixed into a clear medium (such as expoy resin, neutral paint, clear nail polish, glue, etc) and will glow brightest when applied to a white surface.

This glitter is NOT recommended for use on skin.

Glow Glitter must be charged by a bright light source (natural sunlight works best) and will grow brightest in complete dark!

Peak glow time is first 15 minutes. Glow will gradually fade over the next few hours. Simply recharge for more glow time!