Create & Name Your Own Glitter Blend! - Bundle Pack & Glitter Hippo® Figure!

Now, its time to name your Glitter Blend! :) Please: No profanity or names that may be offensive. After all, we're here to make glitter fun! 30 characters max! :)


Have you ever wanted to CREATE and NAME your own Glitter??  Well, now you can!  

Create AND Name your own Glitter Blend bundle 10-pack and get a Glitter Hippo® collectible figure! 

  • Step 1: Name your your Glitter Blend!
  • Step 2: Select up to 3 different color Shimmer Glitters for your custom 10 pack of Glitter Blends!
  • Step 3: Pick out your Glitter Hippo® collectible figure!
  • Step 4: Impress your friends and family with your own custom Glitter Blend!

20 grams in each bag.  Total 200 grams of custom glitter goodness!

(Colors Available Shown Below)