This is just a quick guide of some terms and information used on our website:


  • Holographic Glitter - Holographic glitter separates the regular glitter that gives an awesome and unique rainbow-like effect!
  • Shimmer Glitter - Glitter that sparkles brilliantly!
  • Tinsel Glitters - Hair-like glitter!  Size is .3 x 1.5mm
  • Matte Glitter - Flat colored glitter!
  • Micro Glitter - Cosmetic grade, very fine glitter measured at 1/360"!
  • Glow Glitter -  Awesome glitter in many colors that glows in the dark!
Glitter Weight Guide - 
  • 20 grams = .70 oz
  • There are 464 grams in 1 pound.  
Looking for a particular size glitter?  
Our Glitters are in Hexagon in shape unless noted otherwise.

Click HERE for weight conversion tool (Grams to Ounces)
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