This is just a quick guide of some terms and information used on our website:


  • Solvent Resistant - While most of our glitters are Solvent Resistant anyway, this category narrows in on the glitters that will not bleed in bases.
  • Rainbow Holographic - We have many holographic glitters!  Rainbow Holographic separates the glitter that gives an awesome and unique rainbow-like effect!
  • Long Glitters - Also known as tinsel glitter.
  • Rainbow Glitter - Pastel colored glitters.
  • Dream GlitterIridescent glitter.
  • Shimmer Glitter - Glitter that sparkles brilliantly.
  • Fluorescent Glitter - Glows under blacklight.
  • Matte Glitter - Flat colored glitter.
  • Micro Glitter - Very fine glitter measured at 1/500"!
  • Glow Glitter -  Awesome glitter in many colors that glows in the dark!
  • Thermal GlitterThermal Glitter is hybrid of white glitter mixed with Thermal-Dust (color changing pigment) from SolarColorDust.com.

    The glitter changes color to white when it reaches temperatures of 86F and warmer.

    The glitter will dye your suspension or base you mix it with and will change color revealing the white glitter at 86F.

Glitter Weight Guide - 
  • 10 grams = .35 oz
  • 30 grams = 1.06 oz
  • There are 464 grams in 1 pound.  
Looking for a particular size glitter?  
Simply enter the size you are looking for in the search engine (1/64", 1/128", 1/256", 1/500")
Our Glitters are in Hexagon shape unless noted otherwise.

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